Express 16: 2016 Gen Con Preview Special Part 1 and 2 featuring Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer

We're in the middle of convention season and in only a week we're off to the granddaddy of all gaming conventions, Gen Con! Gen Con is a gigantic spectacular of board games, card games, role playing games and lots and lots of food and beer. And our yearly tradition is to team up with the Dice Tower podcast to give you the Gen Con Preview special. In part 1 we take questions from the listeners about Gen Con and we run down a list of all the great game releasing this year. Then don't forget to check out Part 2 where Tony and I visit Tom and Eric in their studio to talk non-gaming events and the top 10 games we're excited about!

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Episode 115: Mare Nostrum Empires, Kan Ban Automotive Revolution and The Secret Cabal Playlist

Hey Now Cabalists, It's time for another episode of gaming nonsense! Today we take a look at Mare Nostrum Empires from Academy Games and Look Back at Kan Ban Automotive Revolution. Then Tony T runs down the news from the past two weeks in the gaming industry while we chatter in the background. Then finally we bring back the Secret Cabal Playlist where we talk about all the games that are on our minds right now.

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Express 15: Overwatch featuring Rodney Smith, Marty Connell and Matt Evans

Today Jamie is joined by Rodney Smith from Watch It Played, Marty Connell from Rolling Dice and Taking Names and the newly bestowed Honorary Founder, Matt Evans from Board Game Replay to discuss something very different, a video game! And that video game is the extremely popular Overwatch from Blizzard Entertainment.

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Episode 114: Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, Alchemists, Origins 2016 Recap and A Short Topic Extravaganza

Another Origins in the history books and a bunch of stories of nonsense to tell! Columbus Ohio and Origins Game fair is the Founder's home away from home and they cant wait to recap all the hijinks that ensued. After we throw a giant banter segment at you, we review the new game from Games Workshop, Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. Then the guys look back at Alchemists one year later. Tony T goes bananas with his news roundup. Then because Jamie was lazy and taking a vacation from podcast work, they provide another Short Topic Extravaganza.

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Express 14: Ten Games of Building and Construction

Chris and Jamie love are always talking about building and constrution in board games so they decide to present 10 games of building and construction!

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Episode 113: My Village, Specter Ops and a Short Topic Extravaganza

HEY NOW! We're off to Origins and we can hardly contain our excitment but we still have a show to do so here it is! Today we take a look at and review My Village from Stronghold Games. Then we look back at a favorite of our group, Specter Ops. Tony T runs down all the news from around the gaming world wild the gang comments. Then finally we host yet another Short Topic Extravaganza.

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Episode 112: Moongha Invaders, The Ancient World and The Joy of Combat and War

In episode 112 the gang celebrates war, combat and aggression in gaming. First we do a full walkthrough and review of Martin Wallace's game Moongha Invaders (which is all about destroying the earth with giant monsters) and then they take a look back at The Ancient World (which is about raising armies to destroy giant titans terrorizing the world). Tony T does his best job representing war and aggression by delivering the news in a combative way. Then finally we discuss what we love about combat and war in gaming.

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Express 13: Ten Games that Nail Their Theme

Chris and Jamie love theme and in episode 13 of The Secret Cabal Express they each list 5 games that they think do a great job integrating their theme.

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Episode 111: Railways of the World, Mythotopia and A Short Topic Extravaganza

Chris and Jamie are back from their trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the Cool Mini or Not Expo and they have some great games to report on. Then the founders take a look at an old favorite from their collection, Railways of the World and look back at a second Martin Wallace game Mythotopia. Tony T relays all the important news updates from around the gaming community with the professionalism you've come to expect. And finally the gang hosts another short topic extravaganza discussing RPG balance, our genie wishes, why publishers aren't more open about their in-production games and more.

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Episode 110: Star Wars Rebellion, Deus and Tony T's Guide to Pool Construction

One of the most anticipated games in years is finally here and we're finally giving it the full review treatment, Star Wars Rebellion. Then the gang takes a look back at Deus one year after their initial review. Then the last half of the show is all Tony T starting with his news roundup while the peanut gallery comments then he teaches the cabalists about pool construction with a heavy focus on collectible card games and deck building.

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