Episode 104: Star Wars Imperial Assault, Xia Legends of a Drift System and Science Fiction in Gaming

The founders have science fiction fever so they're dedicating an entire episode to it! Today we review the Fantasy Flight Games release, Star Wars Imperial Assault. Then we look back at Xia Legends of a Drift System one year later. Tony T gives you some news with only a little bit of science fiction included. The gang finishs off the sci-fi celebration with a discussion about science fiction in gaming.

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Express 10: Board Game Media Integrity with Marty Connell and Rodney Smith

The Three Amigos, Jamie, Rodney and Marty address a recent topic that has been getting some attention on social media and forums, the integrity of board game media. We go into publisher sponsorship, reviewing games, review copies of games, transparency, conflicts of interest and is it right to have a publisher as a sponsor.

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Episode 103: Porta Nigra, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Emergent Gameplay and Balancing Roleplay and Mechanics in RPGs

The founders are fired up and ready to talk gaming in episode 2013! Today we take a look at Porta Nigra from Stronghold games and look back at The Castles of Mad Kind Ludwig. Then they followup a forum post with a discussion on Emergent Gameplay. And finally with they present part 4 of the Character Creation series, Balancing Roleplay and Mechanics.

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Episode 102: Runebound 3rd Edition, Panamax and a Short Topic Extravaganza

It's the first show of 2016 and we're back from vacation to give you tons of gaming nonsense! Today the gang reviews Runebound 3rd Edition and look back at Panamax one year later. The Tony T pins the wild meter at 11 with the gaming news segment. Then we give you another Short Topic Extravaganza.

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Episode 101: Blood Rage, The 12 days of Christmas, Legendary Encounters Alien, Gaming Highlights from 2015

It's Christmas time again! Today the Founders celebrate the holidays with our rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas. Then we review the Cool Mini or Not release Blood Rage and look back at Legenday Encounters Alien. Tony T gives you the best in gaming news while the peanut gallery chimes in. Finally, the gang discuss 2015 and their favorite games of the year.

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Episode 100: Above and Below, Imperial Settlers, Episode 100 Celebration, Short Topic Extravaganza and Our Christmas Wishlists

After 4 years and over 320 hours of insubordinate nonsense, the Founders celebrate their 100th episode with clips from the past, special guests Stephen Buonocore and Rodney Smith, and some reminiscing about their favorite things about the show. Then the gang reviews Ryan Laukat's newest game, Above and Below and looks back at Imperial Settlers. As always, Tony T goes delivers the news in the most professional manner possible.The guys then host yet another Short Topic Extravaganza and wrap up the show with giving their 2015 Christmas Wishlists.

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Episode 99: Rum & Bones, Abyss, What Do You Do When...? and Writing Character Backgrounds

Hey Now Cabalists! It's time for another action packed episode of your favorite podcast! Today the gang reviews the Cool Mini or Not release, Rum & Bones. Then they look back at Abyss one year later. Tony Topper pins the wild meter into the red with the best gaming new segment in the long history of gaming news segments. The the Founders expound upon a series of questions starting with the words "What do you do when...". Finally the guys take you into part 3 of their character creation series, this time focusing on writing character backgrounds.

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Episode 98: T.I.M.E. Stories, Caverna, Short Topic Extravaganza

We have a small cast of Founders today, but we still have lots to say! Today we take a look at one of the coolest games ever designed, TIME Stories! The we look back at Uwe Rosenberg's coolest designs, Caverna the Cave Farmers. Tony T makes sure you have all the facts in his news round up while Chris and Jamie make sure you have all the opinions. Finally with end the show with another Short Topic Extravaganza.

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The Secret Cabal's Tales from Beyond the Grave

In The Secret Cabal's Tales from Beyond the Grave the rotten, worm ridden corpse, The Secret Cabal Grave Digger hosts seven true tales of mind boggling horror from the podcasters you love to listen to. Jamie spins the yarn of "The Island of Terror". Marty Connell from Rolling Dice and Taking Names tells his tale of horror, "The Peering Effigy". Robb Rouse from Blue Peg Pink Peg recalls his night of fright in "Tweet Tweet Tweet". Steve regales you with this experience with a spook in "Lunchtime Poltergeist". Patrick haunts your dreams with his story, "Let Me In!".  Jamie remembers his night as a ghostbusters in the story "The Cold Room". And to wrap up the show, Tony T retells his shocking experience in a haunted graveyard in "Bonavier"

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Episode 97: Transylvania Curses and Traitors, Lords of Xidit and Let's Build a Haunting

It's Halloween time again and the ghosts and goblins are out and looking for trouble. Today the gang takes ghoulish pleasure in reviewing Transylvania Curses and Traitors. Then the Founders look back a Lords of Xidit and give their thoughts a year later. Tony Topper gives you a terrifying look at all the news and updates from the gaming world in his news segment. Then the guys resurrect an old discussion topic in which they free form create stories in Tony's Topper's Let's Build a Haunting.

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