Episode 63: Amerigo, Games That Fired Other Games 2 and The Role of the Players in RPGs

It's time for another episode of the award winning gaming podcast, The Secret Cabal! Today the guys review Stefan Feld's Amerigo and take a look back at C02. Then Tony Topper gets behind the news desk and educates you on the ins and outs of the gaming world. Then the founders pull an old discussion out of the moth balls, Games that fired other games where they talk about games that have been retired because other games fulfill the same need. And the show is wrapped up with a discussion about the role of the players in role playing games and tips for making the experience better for everyone.

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Episode 62: Euphoria, Spotlight Cthulhu Mythos and Meet the GM: Jamie.

The gang is back in front of the mics and ready to give you a review of Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia and to look back at Suburbia. Then Tony rounds up the hot news and lays it out there for you while the rest of the guys give their two cents. Then we take a look at a hot phenomenon known as The Cthulhu Mythos. The show ends with another round of Meet The GM, Jamie edition.

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Episode 61: Russian Railroads, Our Miniatures Games Factions and Immersion in RPGs

It's time for episode 61 and the founders are back to give you a review of Russian Railroads from Z-Man Games. Then they take a look back at the co-op fantasy card game, Shadowrift. Tony Topper wakes up long enough to give you all the gaming industry news while the rest of the founders comment from the peanut gallery. Then the gang delves into the miniatures gaming realm and talk about the factions they play and why they chose them. WE round off the show with a Golden Geek Award caliber conversation about immersion in role playing games.

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Episode 60: Nations, How We Judge a Game and The Origins of The Egyptian Avengers

The gang is back for another game filled episode of the Secret Cabal! In episode 60 the founders talk about the civilization building euro game, Nations! Then they take a look back at The Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game and discuss if it's still hitting the table. Professional anchorman, Tony Topper, brings you all the gaming news worth hearing. Then the founders discuss what criteria they look for in a game. The show is finished with a tangent filled discussion about superhero RPGs and they build a party of heroes called The Egyptian Avengers.

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Episode 59: Battlelore Second Edition, One Step Beyond the Gateway and The Role of the GM

It’s time for some more crazy antics from the Secret Cabal Founders. In episode 59, the gang can’t wait to get down to business reviewing Battlelore Second Edition and also presents an opportunity for you to win a copy! Then, we look back at Jamie’s #2 game of all time, Stronghold. Tony, as always, gives you the the the gaming news in a serious manner while the the rest of the guys comment. The founders then talk about the next step after gateway games. The show is finished off with a discussion about the role of a game master in role playing games.

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Episode 58: Eldritch Horror, Board Game Expansions and The Pasted-On Theme

Episode 58 is a jam packed show, filled with gaming fun! In this one the Founders review FFG’s newest installment in their Cthulhu line, Eldritch Horror. Then they take a look back at Space Cadets. Tony works his magic during hte news segment and they go off on many side tangents – Chris wants to have invisibility super powers so he can go into women’s locker rooms? Wow. Then the gang talks about board game expansions and how we feel about them. Lastly the guys discuss a term that a few of them hate, “The pasted on theme”.

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Episode 57: Terra Mystica and the Wax and Wane of our Gaming Habits

It’s Episode 57 and it’s time for a new year of insubordinate nonsense from the Secret Cabal Founders. Today we rip open the Terra Mystica box and go hog wild with another walkthrough and review. Then Tony delivers the gaming news like the news profession it is at heart while the rest of us crack jokes. Then the episode comes to a close with a lengthy discussion about how our gaming habits have changed over the years.

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Episode 56: Robinson Crusoe, Mystery RPGs and Christmas Hyjinks

Episode 56 and its Christmas time! Once again we present to you an original Christmas song written by a listener and performed by us – and get give a whole bunch of games in the process. Then we get down to business reviewing Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island. Tony wrangles the best gaming news from his RSS feeds and lets you know what’s what. Then we discuss writing and running mystery adventures in your role playing games. Then we top off the episode with our own little Secret Santa. Happy holidays, Cabalists!

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Episode 55: A Touch of Evil and Our Christmas Wish Lists

In Episode 55 Steve, Jamie and Chris give you a detailed review of the horror Ameritrash classic, A Touch of Evil! Then the whole gang jumps in and looks back at Spartacus A Game of Blood and Treachery. Tony gives you the news from around the gaming world. Then the founders give you a mega discussion listing all the games on their Christmas wishlists.

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Episode 54: Bruges, The Game Outside the Game and Spotlight Cyberpunk

In episode 54, the gang takes a look at the Stefan Feld's newest game, Bruges. Then they take a look back at a game they reviewed 1 year ago, Bootleggers. Tony gives you the skinny on all the newest games coming out and community events. They the guys talk about games that require preparation and is the preparation part of the fun? Lastly the founders take a look at the cyberpunk genre.

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