Episode 69: Chaos in the Old World, Runewars, Dice Tower Convention and Fiddly Games

It's another Wednesday and that means it's time for the Founders to throw some gaming fun your way. Today the gang reviews Chaos in the Old World and looks back at Runewars. Brian just got back from the Dice Tower Convention and gives us a report. As always, Tony T gives you the best in gaming news while the rest of the founders take the trains off the tracks. The show is rounded out by a rousing discussion about the word Fiddly and how it's used (or misused) in the gaming world.

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Episode 68: Origins Game Fair, Cool Mini or Not Expo, Blood Bowl Team Manager, Crowd Funding Board games with Honorary Founder, Rodney Smith

Hey now! The boys are back from Origins and are ready blab all the gory details of their trip! The gang is joined today by honorary Founder and personal friend, Rodney Smith of Watch It Played who tells his tales of CoolMiniOrNot Expo. The guys pull out an old favorite, Blood Bowl Team Manager to give you a review of this cult classic card game. Castles of Burgundy is the look back for this episode and the Founders give their thoughts one year later. Chris fills in for Tony in the news chair and tries to make Mr. T proud. The show ends with an in depth round table about crowd funding board games.

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Episode 67: Yedo, Kemet Look Back, Cooperative Games and Problematic Behavior in RPGs

Today the founders pull Yedo off the shelf and give you a detailed review with many comparisons to Lords of Waterdeep. Then they take a look back at Kemet one year later. Tony Topper hooks you up with the best in gaming news while the rest give their opinions. The gang then takes a look at cooperative games and gives you their good and bad thoughts of the style. The show is rounded off with a discussion about problematic behavior in role playing games.

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Episode 66: Zombicide and The Toxic City Mall, Origins PreGame and Getting Into New RPGs

It's Origins time again and we're jumping out of our pants to get to the convention! But first the founders give you a walkthrough and review of Zombicide and Zombicide: Toxic City Mall. Then they look back at Village. Tony Topper runs down all the gaming industry news and the peanut gallery comments. Then it's back to the topic of Origins. The guys talk about Origins past and their plans for this year. Then Brian, Tony and Jamie talk about getting into a new RPG.

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Episode 65: Lewis and Clark, Random Forum Topics and The Impact of Artwork

Today the founders to back to the age of American exploration and give you a walkthrough and review of Lewis and Clark! Then the founders take a look back at Archipelago. Tony rounds up and presents the best of the gaming news from around the internet. Then the founders talk about some topics from our forums: What games do they own that no one will play, Is Magic the Gathering really a game? And which games in their collections have they played the most. Then the show is wrapped up with a discussion about the impact of artwork in board games.

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Episode 64: What's He Building In There and The Secret Cabal Playlists

The episode 64, the founders dig into the Kickstarter game pile and give you a walkthrough and review of a game about building a doomsday device, What's He Building In There. Then they take a look back at the year old review of Legends of Andor. Finally the gang discusses the games that they're most interested in playing right now in The Secret Cabal Playlists

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Episode 63: Amerigo, Games That Fired Other Games 2 and The Role of the Players in RPGs

It's time for another episode of the award winning gaming podcast, The Secret Cabal! Today the guys review Stefan Feld's Amerigo and take a look back at C02. Then Tony Topper gets behind the news desk and educates you on the ins and outs of the gaming world. Then the founders pull an old discussion out of the moth balls, Games that fired other games where they talk about games that have been retired because other games fulfill the same need. And the show is wrapped up with a discussion about the role of the players in role playing games and tips for making the experience better for everyone.

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Episode 62: Euphoria, Spotlight Cthulhu Mythos and Meet the GM: Jamie.

The gang is back in front of the mics and ready to give you a review of Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia and to look back at Suburbia. Then Tony rounds up the hot news and lays it out there for you while the rest of the guys give their two cents. Then we take a look at a hot phenomenon known as The Cthulhu Mythos. The show ends with another round of Meet The GM, Jamie edition.

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Episode 61: Russian Railroads, Our Miniatures Games Factions and Immersion in RPGs

It's time for episode 61 and the founders are back to give you a review of Russian Railroads from Z-Man Games. Then they take a look back at the co-op fantasy card game, Shadowrift. Tony Topper wakes up long enough to give you all the gaming industry news while the rest of the founders comment from the peanut gallery. Then the gang delves into the miniatures gaming realm and talk about the factions they play and why they chose them. WE round off the show with a Golden Geek Award caliber conversation about immersion in role playing games.

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Episode 60: Nations, How We Judge a Game and The Origins of The Egyptian Avengers

The gang is back for another game filled episode of the Secret Cabal! In episode 60 the founders talk about the civilization building euro game, Nations! Then they take a look back at The Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game and discuss if it's still hitting the table. Professional anchorman, Tony Topper, brings you all the gaming news worth hearing. Then the founders discuss what criteria they look for in a game. The show is finished with a tangent filled discussion about superhero RPGs and they build a party of heroes called The Egyptian Avengers.

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