Episode 82: XCOM The Board Game with Rodney Smith, Terra Mystica and Topics from Twitter

In episode 82 the founders are joined by Rodney Smith from Watch It Played to review XCom The Board Game and then the guys look back at Terra Mystica one year later. Tony Topper gives rattles of the most comprehensive gaming industry news in podcasting history! Finally the gang tackles four topics from Twitter including Hidden Scoring, Solo Gaming, When to be Competitive and Official Variants

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Episode 81: Cthulhu Wars, Robinson Crusoe and The Short Topic Roundup

It's another first Wednesday of the month and that means more Secret Cabal insubordinate nonsense! Today the founder review a long awaited Cthulhu Wars! Then they take a look back at Robinson Crusoe one year later. They the gang tackles three topics in the short topic roundup, Why are your favorite games your favorite games, How do you handle Erratas and finally how do you select a miniatures game faction.

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Episode 80: Aquasphere, A Touch of Evil, Onward to 2015 and Let's Build a Dungeon!

Hey Now! It's 2015 and the founders are back with their first full episode of the Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast. Today the gang takes a look at the newest release from Stefan Feld, Aquashpere. Then they take a look back at A Touch of Evil one year after the original review. Tony T hooks your up with the best quality gaming news in the universe and the peanut gallery comments. Then the founders take a look forward to 2015 with the games and events their most excited about, their predictions and their resolutions for the coming year. Then Tony hosts the weirdest RPG discussion we've ever done - we all build our own dungeons live on the show.

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Express 01: Geoff Engelstein's Game Day, What's On Our Gaming Radar, Our RPG Sales Pitches

The seeds of your fundraising commitments are already yielding fruit! It's the Secret Cabal Express! The Express is a shorter version of the main show but with some content that wouldn’t normally fit into a full length episode. The founders just returned from Geoff Engelstein's Game Day and we discuss the games we played and why Buonocore now owns a pair of purple socks. Then the gang talks about what’s on their gaming radar. And finally, they give their RPG sales pitches.

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Episode 79: The Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Gaming with Our Families and Combat and Health in RPGs

HO HO HO! It's Christmas and the founders are in rare form! Today we present our 2014 Christmas song and give you a walkthrough and review of The Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Then the guys look back at Bruges one year later. Tony T presents Tom Vasel’s favorite part of the show, the News! Then the gang talks about the successes and failures of gaming with their families. The show ends with a rousing discussion about combat and health mechanics in role playing games.

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Episode 78: Xia Legends of a Drift System, The Founders Feud and Our Christmas Wishlists

It's almost Christmas time and the founders are at full froth. Today they take a look at a new game, Xia Legends of a Drift System and look back at Letters from Whitechapel one year later. Then Tony goes nuts giving you all the gaming news he can muster. And then after a long way, the gang presents The Founders Feud! Then we get back into the Christmas spirit and give our Christmas Wishlists.

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Episode 77: Panamax, Spyrium Lookback, Miniature Range Reviews

Hey now, cabalists! In this one the founders table the economic game of shipping goods through the Panama Canal, Panamax! They they take a look back at a game from Gen Con 2013, Spyrium. Tony T goes wild with the gaming industry news as usual. Then the gang has a lengthy review segment in which they discuss various miniature ranges including Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, Malifaux, Warmachine and Hordes, Flames of War and Battletech.

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Episode 76: Legendary Encounters Alien, Essen 2014 What Excited Us Most, The Founders Guide to Haunted Houses

It’s Halloween! The Halloween special is our favorite episode of the year and this time we have a doozey for you. First we find out why we’ve lost contact with the Stronghold Games Space Station. Then we give a walkthrough and review of Legendary Encounters Alien. The founders go back in time to check out Nothing Personal and Merchant of Venus in our look back segment. Then the founders each pick one game that they’re excited about trying that was released at Essen Spiel 2014. And back to the Halloween fun, the gang presents The Founder’s Guide to Haunted Houses.

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Episode 75: Imperial Settlers, How We Value a Game, Off Topic: Movies and TV featuring Honorary Founder Stephen Buonocore

The day you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! You get to finally hear Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games on a podcast! Yeah… okay. But today the founders review Imperial Settlers! Then Tony gives you the rundown of all the coolest gaming related nonsense. Then the gang discusses how they value games. The show is then topped off with an off topic discussion about movies and television.

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Episode 74: Abyss, Manhattan Project Look Back, Short Topic Roundup II and Spotlight: The World of Darkness

In a world of fishmen, the Founders rule over the crabs and snails and bring you episode 74! Today the guys take you under the water with a review of Bruno Cathala’s new card game, Abyss. Then they take a look back at Manhattan Project one year later. Tony T never disappoints with his coverage of gaming news and the rest of the gang interrupts. And then, since they loved it so much, the founders host another Short Topic Roundup! Then they round out the show with a spotlight on the roleplaying game setting, The World of Darkness.

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