Episode 08: Chris and Jamie Review Six Underrated Games

In the eighth installment of the Secret Cabal Express, Chris and Jamie start out by discussing the upcoming 100th episode of the Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast and the spectacular it may be. Then they review six games in their collect that they believe to be underrated and are worth a second look.

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Episode 95: La Granja, A Study in Emerald and Creating Engaging Characters in RPGs

Scheduling issues be damned! WE’RE BACK IN BUSINESS, BABY! Today we take a look at a fantastic farming euro, La Granja and look back at Martin Wallace’s masterpiece, A Study in Emerald. Then Tony T does his typical bang-up job giving the the best in gaming news while we interrupt the whole time. Finally we reboot the RPG discussion segment with our Character Creation Series #1: Creating an Engaging Character

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Express 07: The Evolution of Gaming with Marty Connell and Rodney Smith

The Three Amigos, Jamie, Rodney and Marty, dive deep into a meaty discussion about where they started in gaming, what it was like then and how things have changed over the years. They go into styles of games, the attention spans of new gamers and how Kickstarter has affected the scene

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Episode 94: Warband: Against the Darkness, The Founders Feud, Scoring Methods

Things are getting back to normal for the founders after convention season and we're back to playing games like crazy. Today we review a newly released euro game called Warband: Against the Darkness. Then we look back at Chaos in the Old World one year later. Tony T gives you the best gaming news in the business while the rest of the gang chatters in the background. The guys then get into one of our favorite segments of all time, The Founders Feud! Finally the gang discusses scoring methods in gaming.

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Episode 93: Magic the Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers, GenCon 2015 and a Short Topic Extravaganza!

We are totally exhausted from all the wild revelry we got into at GenCon 2015 but the show must go on! Today the Founders spin the yarns of the aforementioned trip to GenCon. Then they review the new game from Wizards of the Coast, Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers. Then the gang looks back at Blood Bowl Team Manager. Tony T runs down all the news in the manner you've come to expect while we complain and poke fun. Finally the show is capped off with a Short Topic Extravaganza!

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Express 06: 2015 GenCon Preview Special Part 1 with Honorary Founders Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer

GenCon is finally upon us and it's time to get all fired up for all the nonsense we're going to get into in Indianapolis this year. Tony, Jamie, Tom and Eric talk about the crowds, the exhibition hall, the artwork and everything else that goes along with a trip the GenCon. Then Tom runs down an exhaustive list of games releasing at GenCon this year.

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Episode 92: Forbidden Stars, Yedo, Warhammer Age of Sigmar and A Short Topic Extravaganza

GenCon is right around the corner and we're excited to get there, but the show must go on! Today the founders review Forbidden Stars from Fantasy Flight Games and Look Back at Yedo. Then Tony T gives you the longest new segment in the history of the Secret Cabal and we wrap it up by discussing Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Then the gang finished off the show with a short topic extravaganza.

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Express 05: Dice Tower Con IV with Dan King

Jamie welcomes a new honorary founder, Dan King, the Game Boy Geek of the Dice Tower Network to discuss Dice Tower Con IV and all the games they played and what it's like to hang in Orlando Florida for 4 days gaming in paradise!

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Episode 91: Arcadia Quest, Zombicide, Depth vs Complexity and Storytelling in Roleplaying Games

It's time for another episode of the Secret Cabal! Today the gang reviews Arcadia Quest and looks back at Zombicide one year later. The Tony T goes bananas give you the best board game news segment in the podcast business. The founders discuss depths versus complexity and have no expectations of coming to a conclusion. Finally the discuss story telling in roleplaying games.

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Episode 90: KanBan Automotive Revolution, Lewis and Clark, Origins 2015 Recap and a Short Topic Extravaganza.

WOW! Get ready for a long one this time cabalists, this episode is clocking in at over 4 hours! We needed the time to properly spin the yarns of our adventures at Origins 2015. There were some ups and downs, trials and tribulations and it was a complete blast the entire time. After you hear about our trip to columbus we review KanBan Automotive Revolution and look back at Lewis and Clark. Tony T rattles of the best gaming news in the biz and finally we host a mega-sized short topic extravaganza.

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