Episode 113: My Village, Specter Ops and a Short Topic Extravaganza

HEY NOW! We're off to Origins and we can hardly contain our excitment but we still have a show to do so here it is! Today we take a look at and review My Village from Stronghold Games. Then we look back at a favorite of our group, Specter Ops. Tony T runs down all the news from around the gaming world wild the gang comments. Then finally we host yet another Short Topic Extravaganza.

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Episode 112: Moongha Invaders, The Ancient World and The Joy of Combat and War

In episode 112 the gang celebrates war, combat and aggression in gaming. First we do a full walkthrough and review of Martin Wallace's game Moongha Invaders (which is all about destroying the earth with giant monsters) and then they take a look back at The Ancient World (which is about raising armies to destroy giant titans terrorizing the world). Tony T does his best job representing war and aggression by delivering the news in a combative way. Then finally we discuss what we love about combat and war in gaming.

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Express 13: Ten Games that Nail Their Theme

Chris and Jamie love theme and in episode 13 of The Secret Cabal Express they each list 5 games that they think do a great job integrating their theme.

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Episode 111: Railways of the World, Mythotopia and A Short Topic Extravaganza

Chris and Jamie are back from their trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the Cool Mini or Not Expo and they have some great games to report on. Then the founders take a look at an old favorite from their collection, Railways of the World and look back at a second Martin Wallace game Mythotopia. Tony T relays all the important news updates from around the gaming community with the professionalism you've come to expect. And finally the gang hosts another short topic extravaganza discussing RPG balance, our genie wishes, why publishers aren't more open about their in-production games and more.

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Episode 110: Star Wars Rebellion, Deus and Tony T's Guide to Pool Construction

One of the most anticipated games in years is finally here and we're finally giving it the full review treatment, Star Wars Rebellion. Then the gang takes a look back at Deus one year after their initial review. Then the last half of the show is all Tony T starting with his news roundup while the peanut gallery comments then he teaches the cabalists about pool construction with a heavy focus on collectible card games and deck building.

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Express 12: The 6 Gamer Motivations Profile

It's express time again and today Tony and Jamie sit down behind the mics to discuss Quantic Foundry's "Gamer Motivation Profile". Although it's geared towards video games we figure out a way to relate it to tabletop gaming and what motivates us to game the way we game. Take the Gamer Motivation Profile test here.

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Episode 109: A Game of Thrones, Heroes of Normandie and A Short Topic Extravaganza

In celebration of the new season of A Game of Thrones, we have decided to finally review A Game of Thrones: The Board Game!. Then we take a look back at a war of a different kind, this time World War II with Heroes of Normandie. Then Tony T hooks you up with the best in gaming news. And Finally the gang gives you another series of questions submitted by the listeners in our Short Topic Extravaganza.

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Episode 108: Mombasa, Concordia and Euros, Ameritrash and Modern Hybrid Board Games

Euros! Euros! Euros! Today the Founders can't get enough of their euros! The gang first reviews the Alexander Pfister game, Mombasa. Then they look back at Mac Gerdts' Concordia one year later. After Tony goes bananas with a mega sized, GAMA Trade Show fueled news segment, the Founders discuss the classic definitions of both classic euro games, Amertrash games and the Modern Hybrid Board game - are the terms relevant in today's gaming scene? You'll find out the definitive answer in episode 108!

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Episode 107: Nippon, XCOM and a Short Topic Extravaganza

Hey Now, Cabalists! In today's episode we review a game about industrial conglomerates at the end of feudal Japan, Nippon! Then we look back at XCOM The Board Game one year later. Tony T goes bananas with the best gaming news in podcasting while the peanut gallery throws in their two bits. Finally we present a short topic extravaganza including skirmish miniatures games, games with matching themes, and making the first few levels of your RPG campaign fun.

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Episode 106: Broom Service, Cthulhu Wars and Deduction Board Games

Today Tony, once again, talks about Blood Rage. Then the Founders review the Kennerspiel Des Jahres winner Broom Service and look back at Chthulhu Wars. Then Tony T gives you the best in gaming news while hte peanut gallery comments. Finally Steve hosts a roundtable discussion about Deduction board games.

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