Express 03: Origins Game Fair 2015!

I gotta be honest with you Cabalists, this episode is purely a selfish recording session. Rodney, Chris and I just wanted to sit down and completely geek out about the awesome time we're going to have at the upcoming Origins Game Fair. It's the founder's 9th time in attendance in 10 years and Rodney's first time joining us. We talk about the food, the beer, the events and all the debauchery that we plan to get into at Origins 2015!

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Episode 88: Specter Ops, Amerigo and a Short Topic Extravaganza

In epsiode 88 the founders take a look at one of Steve's favorite game styles in Specter Ops from Plaid Hat Games! Then they go back and discuss their thoughts on Amerigo one year later. Finally the gang hosts yet another short topic roundup including gaming with couples, unpainted versus painted miniatures, nostalgic games and more.

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Episode 87: The Ancient World, Euphoria, Board Game Hooks and Making The First RPG Session Great

In episode 87 the gang gets down and dirty with a great worker placement game called The Ancient World! Then they take a look back at Euphoria one year later. Tony I gives his gaming news roundup while the rabble gives their two cents. We talk about board game hooks, innovation and gimmicks. The show ends off with a discussion about an age old problem that always plagues RPGers, how to make your first session great for the players.

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Express 03: Assassinorum Execution Force, Chris' Secret Cabal Playlist and 3D Printing

In Express 03 the founders and their good friend Rodney Smith from Watch It Played speculate about the new Games Workshop board game Assassinorum Execution Force coming soon. Then Chris gives his top five favorite games that he's excited about right now and Tony then chomps at the bits for 3D printing and we talk about it's impact on the future of gaming

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Episode 86: Mythotopia, Russian Railroads Lookback and a Short Topic Extravaganza!

Episode 86 the gang decides to review a game that is flying under the radar and should, Mythotopia by Martin Wallace! Then they take a look back at Russian Railroads one year later. Tony T goes wild with the gaming industry news as always. Then the founders finish off the show talking about how they're enjoyment of games changed after becoming reviewers, games that regularly hit the table, organizing public gaming and getting started in CCGs and LCGs.

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Episode 85: Deus, Nations Lookback, Video Games that should be Board Games and The Founders Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Episode 85 is chocked full of awesome! Today the founders review the civ building euro game, Deus! Then they take a look back at Nations one year later. Tony T pins the wild meter at 11 giving you the best gaming new roundup in the business. The gang lists their picks for video game to board game ports and finally they present The Founders Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

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Express 02: The GAMA Trade Show with Honorary Founder Rodney Smith

In the second installment of the Secret Cabal Express, Chris and Jamie sit down with honorary founder Rodney Smith who just returned from Las Vegas to discuss his adventures at the GAMA Trade Show. Also you'll get a bit of discussion on Gaming Cafes, Organized Play, publishers who name games poorly, the comedy stylings of Steve Spang and the Ancient Wisdom of Tony Topper.

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Episode 84: Heroes of Normandie, Battlelore Lookback, Short Topic Roundup and Flaw and Hindrances in RPGs

In episode 84 the founders go wild and crazy for some cinematic World War II action with Heroes of Normandie! Then they take a look back at another battle game, Battlelore Second Edition. Tony T puts on his newsman hat and alerts you to all the hottest gaming news. The gang is still fired up to do Short Topic Roundups so they throw another one your way. They finish off the show with a discussion about Flaw and Hindrances in in role playing games.

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Episode 83: Concordia, Eldritch Horror Lookback and Intellectual Properties in Games

In episode 83 the gang reviews a game that they ignored for over a year and are sorry they did, Concordia! Then they take a look back at Eldritch Horror one year later, do they still have the same feelings about it? Then Tony T pins the wild meter to 11 with the best gaming news in the business. The show is rounded off with a long discussion about Intellectual Properties in board games.

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Episode 82: XCOM The Board Game with Rodney Smith, Terra Mystica and Topics from Twitter

In episode 82 the founders are joined by Rodney Smith from Watch It Played to review XCom The Board Game and then the guys look back at Terra Mystica one year later. Tony Topper gives rattles of the most comprehensive gaming industry news in podcasting history! Finally the gang tackles four topics from Twitter including Hidden Scoring, Solo Gaming, When to be Competitive and Official Variants

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