Industry Support

If you are in the industry and would like to work with the Secret Cabal feel free to contact us! The Secret Cabal is currently one of the largest board gaming podcasts in the world with a considerable audience and we believe that our show could be of value to the promotion of your games and products. 

Press Releases and News:

Tony Topper is our news anchor as well as the newsroom manager. If you have any important information that you feel could be included in our news segment, please send to Tony for evaluation.
Tony Topper (tony@thesecretcabal.com)

Review copies of games:

In the flagship show, we always have a single feature review in the body of the show and a series of shorter form reviews within the initial segment of the show. Where as we cant promise that every single game can be reviewed, we will certainly consider all currently in-print games. If you would like to discuss sending review copies, send an email to Jamie. We only have a few guidelines: we do not play and review prototypes or upcoming Kickstarter projects before they are released to the public. We prefer that our listeners be able to acquire games we review immediately.
Jamie Keagy (jamie@thesecretcabal.com)


Shipping Address
Attn: Jamie Keagy
3203 Rex Dr
York, PA 17402

Advertising opportunities:  

We are always looking for new long term sponsors or one time commercial opportunities. For rates and availability, feel free to contact Steve for more information. (founders@thesecretcabal.com)