Episode 11: Dungeon Lords and The Secret Cabal Playlists

In episode #11, Jamie explains what a euro and ameri-trash games are and then the founders bring you a walkthrough and review of the new fantasy euro classic, Dungeon Lords designed by Vlaada Chvátil. Then as usual, Tony breaks out his news and gives some a glimpse into whats happening in the gaming world. Lastly, the founders introduce a new segment called...

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Episode Timeline:

  • And Now You Know: Euro and Amer-Trash Games: 00:19
  • Dungeon Lords Walkthrough: 00:30
  • Dungeon Lords Review: 00:40
  • Gaming News with Tony Topper: 01:05
  • The Secret Cabal Playlists: 01:29

Opening Banter Topics:

  • Jamie discusses the founders experience with Civilization the board game
  • Chris talks about Flash Point Fire Rescue, a Pandemic style game where fire spreads throughout the building
  • Jamie discusses his building acquisition disorder regarding the release of Wiz War
  • Jamie and Tony are accidentally buying even more miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy

And Now You Know: Euro and Ameri-Trash Games

  • These labels aren't set in stone and various points can be debated. Here we present the founders beliefs about what comprise a euro and an ameritrash game.
  • A Euro game is a game that is usually created in Europe and Germany. There are a lot of things common among euro games. Conflict is typically indirect. Typically strategy revolves around choosing something that benefits you or making a decision that prevents an opponent from acquiring a card, resource, token, etc. Randomness is uncommon. Decisions are usually deep. Thematically euro games are based on trading, economic growth, industry management, creating and selling products, etc. Designers of euro games commonly design the mechanics and then apply the theme or they precisely design the mechanics with theme as a secondary feature. This doesn't mean that the theme is bad, often times the good designers can design a game with an amazing theme. Components of euro games are commonly better quality than ameritrash games. Meeples (wooden products, figures, animals, etc), high quality chits and tokens. Euro games very rarely have player elimination. Puerto Rico is an example of a great euro game. Agricola is another highly rated euro game. Also Power Grid where the goal is to manage a company and provide power to many cities.
  • Ameritrash games are the antithesis of euro games. Those new to board games have usually played a variety of ameritrash games in their youth. Monopoly is an ameritrash games designed for a younger audience. While often viewed derogatorily, it's just a commonly used label that has stuck to the genre. Direct conflict and player elimination are typical in ameritrash games. Theme is the foremost with mechanics taking a back seat. Mansions of Madness is an example of an ameritrash game where the theme is amazing but the mechanics are poor. Often times the game can be broken by poor mechanics, but due to the nature of the story based game many people aren't bothered by this. Randomness is common with lots of dice rolling. Components are typically plastic figures. Risk, Axis and Allies, and Twilight Imperium are all great conflict based ameritrash games.
  • There are a variety of mixed games out there that have strong features of both. Stronghold is a great example of this. Dungeon Lords is an example of a game that thematically seems like an ameritrash game but plays like a euro game. If you listen to a variety of gaming podcasts you'll hear debates over what games fall into which category.

Walkthrough and Review: Dungeon Lords

Have you ever ventured with party of heroes to conquer dungeons, gain pride, experiences and of course rich treasure? And has it ever occurred to you how hard it actually is to build and manage such underground complex filled with corridors and creatures? No? Well now you can try. Put yourself in role of the master of underground, summon your servants, dig complex of tunnels and rooms, set traps, hire creatures and try to stop filthy heroes from conquering and plundering your precious creation. We can guarantee you will look on dark corners, lairs and their inhabitant from completely different perspective! Dungeon Lords is 90 minute long game for 2 to 4 players. It’s a rather complex game enjoyable mostly for experienced gamers.

Gaming News with Tony Topper:

The Secret Cabal Playlists:

Chris' Playlist
  1. Betrayal at House on the Hill
  2. 7 Wonders
  3. Merchants and Marauders
  4. Elder Sign
  5. At the Gates of Loyang
Brian's Playlist
  1. La Havre
  2. 7 Wonders
  3. Dungeon Lords
  4. At the Gates of Loyang
  5. Galaxy Trucker
Tony's Playlist
  1. Agricola
  2. Galaxy Trucker
  3. Ora Et Labora
  4. Civilization The Board Game
  5. Dominion
Jamie's Playlist
  1. Civilization The Board Game
  2. Dungeons and Dragons
  3. Warmachine/Hordes
  4. Galaxy Trucker
  5. Dreadfleet
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