Episode 13: Ora et Labora, Getting Started in Miniatures Wargaming and Gamer Stereotypes

In episode #13, finally, after waiting and waiting for it to come in the mail and then toiling over scheduling, the founders sit down  to two plays of the latest Uwe Rosenburg eurogame, Ora Et Labora and give you a walkthrough and review.  Then, as you would expect, Tony mines the internet for gaming news and gives you the inside scoop.  Then Jamie and Tony profess their love for the miniatures game hobby and try to get Chris and Brian interested (and we...

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Episode Timeline:

  • Ora Et Labora Walkthrough: 00:47
  • Ora Et Labora Review: 00:57
  • Gaming News with Tony Topper: 01:26
  • Getting Started in Miniatures Wargaming: 01:50
  • Gamer Stereotypes: 02:26

Opening Banter Topics:

  • The founders start off by thanking thanking Bay for our very first donation.
  • The Secret Cabal is doing a Munchkin give-away! Like us on facebook or twitter, comment including a discussion topic that you'd like to hear, and we'll pick a winner from each to send the game to!
  • Tony shared with us all a site, welovefine.com, which has all the D&D licensed t-shirts, many of which look amazing, Tony liked the Trolls Gonna Hate t-shirt.
  • Jamie and the group discusses the first post-intro game of Savage Worlds Mass Effect.
  • Chris has been talking with Ben Mund and Jamie Chambers, Building an Elder God is now on Kickstarter, $25 for a boxed copy.
  • Chris shares his experiences with funding Kickstarter games, he has 2 that are constantly updating and one that hasn't updated in a month.
  • Jamie discusses the Kickstarter game Chicken Caesar, Tony has been looking at Farmageddon.
  • Jamie, Brian, and Chris got a full game of Ora Et Labora in, to be discussed during the review section.
  • Wiz War is rapidly becoming a favorite for Jamie, due to the quick play time and entertaining gameplay.
  • Jamie started a game of Duel in the Dark, a WW II game where one player plots a British bomber run and the other player takes the role of the Germans and tries to defend against it.
  • Brian stumbled across information on a Pathfinder MMO that was announced in December, but the information has been rather low key. It has a very different dynamic than most other mmo's and sounds similar to the Star Wars Galaxies and its player driven economy. Check it out on the Penny Arcade Forums.
  • February 20th brought to light a very negative underside of the computer gaming community, Brian shares an article that was posted on Reddit calling a Bioware writer out for an interview she did in 2006, the founders discuss the purist attitude in gaming in general and how insulted people can be over ideas to make games more entertaining for a larger audience. There are a variety of articles on the subject, but here's one of the more well written articles.

Walkthrough and Review: Ora Et Labora

Walkthrough 00:47 Review 00:57 In Ora et Labora, each player is head of a monastery in the Medieval era who acquires land and constructs buildings – little enterprises that will gain resources and profit. The goal is to build a working infrastructure and manufacture prestigious items – such as books, ceramics, ornaments, and relics – to gain the most victory points at the end of the game. Each player has a personal game board. New buildings enter the game from time to time, and players can construct them on their game boards with the building materials they gather, with some terrain restrictions on what can be built where. Some spaces start with trees or moors on them, as in Agricola: Farmers of the Moor, so they hinder development until a player clears the land, but they provide resources when they are removed. Clever building on your personal game board will impact your final score, and players can buy additional terrain during the game, if needed. Check it out on Board Game Geek!

Gaming News with Tony Topper:


Getting Started in Miniatures Wargaming:

01:50 Then Jamie and Tony profess their love for the miniatures game hobby and try to get Chris and Brian interested. Games Discussed:

What Gamer Stereotypes fit the Founders

02:26 For a lighter discussion the founders discuss gamer stereotypes comprised mostly of a list from larian.com forums. Listen in as we accuse each other of fitting a particular stereotype!

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