Episode 15: Zong Shi, Intellectual Properties in Gaming and Games to other Media

In episode 15 the founders announce the winners of the Steve Jackson's Munchkin giveaway. Chris received his copy of Zong Shi, a recently released Kickstarter game, which we play through and give you a walkthrough and review. Tony scours the web to bring you the latest in gaming news. The founders then discuss why we instinctively shy away from IP games and conclude with a lighthearted conversation about what games we'd love to see turned into other media, whether it be movies or...

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Episode Timeline

  • Zong Shi Walkthrough: 00:41
  • Zong Shi Review: 00:50
  • Gaming News with Tony Topper: 01:12
  • Intellectual Property in Gaming: 01:44
  • Games to other Media (Movies/TV): 02:14

Opening Banter Topics:

  • Winners have been announced for the Munchkin Give-away! Congratulations to Matthew Sharwarko, Nicholas Rowe, Jamie Pyne, and Josh Plett
  • Chris has PKD (Post Kickstarter Depression) and is sad that he has nothing coming in the mail from Kickstarter anytime soon
  • The founders had a Kickstarter game day and played Zong Shi and Miskatonic School for Girls
  • Jamie had his first impulse buy with no prior research, Eminent Domain
  • Brian broke down and bought into Malifaux, his first miniature wargame, Jamie laughs hysterically about crushing Chris and Steve in Malifaux games he played
  • Jamie decided to increase the terrain we have for war-gaming. He presents 3 options and explains that he decided to do all of them. He purchased some Games Workshop building sets, he's planning on buying Wyrd Miniatures Terra Clips, and he purchased ready to print pdf's for paper terrain from Dave Graffam's www.davesgames.net.
  • Scares that Care, a horror themed charity, brings the $5 Online Donation Day back from the dead on Friday April 13th. Each $5 donation gets you into a drawing for fancy prizes such as a signed Jaws and Exorcist poster. It's a good cause so check it out!
  • Jamie talks about Geek & Sundry, a new Youtube channel that cropped up recently that looks amazing. It's a channel devoted to geek culture, which includes a variety of different shows such as The Flog hosted by Felicia Day, Tabletop hosted by Will Wheaton, and a variety of other geek related shows. The highlight of the trailer is Will Wheaton punching a Pandemic Box!
  • Chris raves about the new Blood and Chrome trailer, the new Battlestar Gallactica series which tells the story of William Adama as a young pilot during the first Cylon War.
  • Brian discusses Bioware's announcement that they are going to appease fans upset by the ending of Mass Effect 3, more info in April. They also announced that while Sheppard's tale has ended there will be more games coming for the Mass Effect universe.
  • Jamie shares that the makers of Thor are now working on the Mass Effect movie

Walkthrough and Review: Zong Shi

In a large town in medieval China, several talented artisans – Masters in their own right – aspire to become recognized as Zong Shi: the Grand Master craftsman. You are one of these master artisans and together with your apprentice, you are competing with the other Masters to attain this elevated status in the town. To succeed, you'll have to impress the townspeople with your skills. How shall you do it? Will you acquire a specialist's mastery over certain material, or will you enlarge your workshop? Will you create a large number of smaller projects or will you build fewer, but greater, masterworks? That is for you to decide.

Gaming News with Tony Topper

Product Announcements
Small World: Realms expansion expected early July ~$35 MSRP.
Mayfair announcements for 3rd and 4th Quarter: Catan Histories: Merchants of Europe, Clash of Wills: Shilo 1862, A House Divided, and Urbania, not much information at this point just the upcoming titles.
7 Wonders: Cities expansion with team rules and ruined cities which introduces new cards of other types that work with the ruined cities, focused on increasing aggression and interaction between players.
Nightfall coming to iOS, a deckbuilding game with vampires and werewolves, looks much better than Ascension.
Ascension: Immortal Heroes expansion coming this summer, a two player standalone and an expansion to the Storm of Souls expansion.
War Room, the Warmachine and Hordes app for Android and iOS, will be out in April.
Kickstarter Projects Ending Soon Product Releases
  • New decks available for Agricola, World Championship deck and Netherlands themed, $15 MSRP
  • Wings of Glory starter set, a miniatures game based on World War I and II aircraft combat, a revised edition of Wings of War by Fantasy Flight ~$70 MSRP, comes with 4 airplanes, rulebook, marker, stands, etc.
Awards & Misc
  • Origins Awards Nominees are out, meh, you'll have to listen to the podcast to hear our thoughts on the matter
  • Citadel is releasing new paints and tools for advanced order, with an expanded range of color and new painting guides, 145 paints in the paint bundle for ~$536 MSRP, comes with an Army Figure case

Intellectual Properties in Games

The founders have a round table about why we tend to be leery of games based on existing popular intellectual property. We run the gamut of talking about IP's from early consoles that were terrible to current day board games that just don't stand up to the quality of our favorite IP's out there as well as those few that do. One of the earliest IP's that was ruined when translated to a console game for us is Atari's E.T., a game that was rumored to be dumped en mass into a landfill to get rid of stock that didn't sell. We continue on to discuss television series such as The Walking Dead that spawned a variety of board games. We mutually agree that games based on popular IP should be purchased only after perusing the rulebook and checking the component quality.

Games to other Media (Television/Movies)

As a follow up, we have a light-hearted discussion about games that translated into other media, mostly television and movies, based on tabletop and board games. We reminisce about the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from the 80's, the Kindred the Embraced television series, and the upcoming Battleship movie as well as a few others. To conclude the discussion we share ideas on what game IP we'd love to see translated to movies or television.

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