Episode 48: Merchant of Venus, Deluxe Editions of Board Games and Technology in RPGs

In episode 48, the founders jump right in with a walkthrough and review of the Fantasy Flight Games release of Merchant of Venus (Standard Edition). We thank our wonderful sponsors Stronghold Games, Game Salute and MiniatureMarket.com and all the other great publishers for donating games to our GenCon cabalist meet up. We then present the Dice Tower Network contest - if you want to win a $50 gift certificate to CoolStuffInc.com, head over to the BoardGameGeek Guild and post your discussion topic suggestion to enter. Then Tony rattles off all the gaming news that passed over the news desk while we chime in. The gang then talks about deluxe editions of board games and how much lust they generate in our lives. We round out the show with a round table discussion about technology in role playing games and how we handle it (or have failed in the past).

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Opening Banter

Merchant of Venus Review

Merchant of Venus uses many elements which come together to form a very interesting game. Players take on the roles of space traders who move their ships through interconnected systems discovering new alien worlds to trade with. As players start to make money delivering commodities in a unique supply-and-demand system, their earnings can be used to purchase better ships and equipment (shields, lasers, engines, etc...) and construct their own spaceports (which speed up trading) and factories (which create better commodities). Variations included in the rulebook allow for interplayer combat. The player who first acquires enough total value ($1000, $2000, $3000, $4000) in cash and port/factory deeds takes the day.

Lookback at Nuns of the Run

Nuns on the Run is a like a reverse of Scotland Yard. Players play either as a novice, or as the Abbess or Prioress. The Novices move in secret and avoid being seen or heard by the Abbess or Prioress. The goal is to make it to the location on the board where the novice can get her "secret wish" and return to their room without being detected. All of the novices move in secret by marking their movement and locations on hidden sheets. The Abbess and Prioress move on regulated paths around the board, but can diverge and chase down novices that they see or hear. The player or players who complete their secret wishes and return to their rooms win, or the Abbess and Prioress win if they catch a certain number of novices.

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