Episode 212: Nevada City and a Short Topic Extravaganza

Hey Now all you wonderful Cabalists! Today the gang is back in action to break balls, talk about awesome board games and provide some series low buffoonery. Today we start out by chatting up games including Altiplano, Spirit Island: Branch and Claw, Sonora, Set A Watch, Tapestry and Stick’em. Then we jump into a feature review of Nevada City designed by Alan D. Ernstein and published by Rio Grande Games. Then Tony T provides a comprehensive look into the board game industry with his top-notch news segment. And finally the Founders go into some more listener submitted questions including crossovers in board games, unique mechanisms and with special guest question answerers, Bender and Aaron from Lords of the Dungeon, we discuss which Warhammer 40k armies we play and which ones we're looking to start next.

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  • Nevada City Overview 00:53:42
  • Nevada City Review 00:58:06
  • News with Tony T 01:26:57
  • Short Topic Extravaganza 02:12:58

Opening Banter and Reviews

Feature Review: Nevada City

You and your family have come to Nevada City to set up a homestead and help the town grow. Will you be able to outperform the other homesteaders? Each player in Nevada City starts the game with a nuclear family — mother, father, daughter, and son — and a homestead mat where you can establish farms, fence in livestock, and develop silver mines. You start the game with one mine, one farm, and one ranch, along with some money and an assortment of commodities. The town consists of a few buildings, and other buildings will become available for construction as the years advance, with the game lasting four years. A year lasts a number of turns until all players have used all of their characters and hired workers. On a turn, a player chooses one of their characters and takes actions until all of that character's actions are spent; a character can't take the same action during a turn. A character can buy new property from city hall; mine, farm, or ranch their own property; claim a building; construct a building; use an existing building; reserve a contract that has conditions for improving the city; or work to fulfill that contract. Each character and worker has a different set of skills that can boost the actions they take, such as finding additional silver in a mine or bringing lumber to a construction site. You earn victory points (VPs) for constructing buildings, in addition to fees from those buildings when other players use them. You earn VPs for completing contracts as well, with those contracts having different values depending on which buildings are in place at the time. Each player receives a private goal card at the start of the game, and all players score points for these goal cards based on how well they do relative to other players, so pay attention to their choices. Each year, various events pop up, leaving players to suffer drought or reap the benefits of fertile land, among other things. At the end of a year, workers leave unless you marry them into a family, which will require spirits and other resources.

Designed by Alan D. Ernstein

Published by Rio Grande Games

BoardGameGeek.com Entry

Gaming News by Tony T

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