Episode 67: Yedo, Kemet Look Back, Cooperative Games and Problematic Behavior in RPGs

Today the founders pull Yedo off the shelf and give you a detailed review with many comparisons to Lords of Waterdeep. Then they take a look back at Kemet one year later. Tony Topper hooks you up with the best in gaming news while the rest give their opinions. The gang then takes a look at cooperative games and gives you their good and bad thoughts of the style. The show is rounded off with a discussion about problematic behavior in role playing games.

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Review: Yedo

In the strategy game Yedo, players assume the roles of Clan Elders in the city of Edo during the early years of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The object of the game is to amass Prestige Points, mainly by completing missions. To do so, players must gather the necessary assets and – most importantly – outfox their opponents and prevent them from completing their missions.

Look Back: Kemet

In Kemet, players each deploy the troops of an Egyptian tribe and use the mystical powers of the gods of ancient Egypt – along with their powerful armies – to score points in glorious battles or through invasion of rich territories. A game is typically played to 8 or 10 victory points, which may be accrued through winning attacks, controlling temples, controlling fully-developed pyramids, sacrificing to the gods, and wielding particular magical powers.

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