Episode 198: Maracaibo and a Short Topic Extravaganza

Hey Now Cabalists and Happy New Year! First, we start off with a challenge from a Cabalist on our forums and then get busy with some games we've been playing including: Flotilla, Era: Medieval Age, Fast Sloths, Tapestry, Istanbul The Dice Game, The Others and Cthulhu Death May Die! Then we announce a new series of T-Shirts featuring Steve's artwork. Then we get busy with a feature review of Maracaibo from Alexander Pfister and Capstone Games. Then after Tony T throws some tabletop gaming news at us, we host another Short Topic Extravaganza featuring Steve's Jokes, how games have changed over the years and dealing with a gaming group with varying tastes.

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  • Maracaibo Overview 01:00:19
  • Maracaibo Review 01:04:36
  • News with Tony T 01:30:30
  • Short Topic Extravaganza 02:22:00

Opening Banter and Reviews

Feature Review: Maracaibo

Maracaibo, the new strategy game for 1-4 players by Alexander Pfister, is set in the Caribbean during the 17th century. The players try to increase their influence in three nations in four rounds with a play time of 40 minutes per player.

The players sail on a round course through the Caribbean. E.g., you have city tiles where you are able to perform various actions or deliver goods to. One special feature is an implemented quest mode over more and various tiles, which tells the player, who chase after it, a little story.

As a player, you move with your ship around the course, managing it by using cards like in other games from Alexander Pfister.

Designed by Alexander Pfister

Published by Capstone Games

BoardGameGeek.com Entry

Gaming News by Tony T

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