Lords of the Dungeon 22: Shadowrun Special Edition

In episode 22 of Lords of the Dungeon Bender, Jess and Jamie give you a special edition spotlight on Shadowrun, the classic cyberpunk and fantasy mashup role playing game published by Catalyst Game Lab. We begin by talking about the setting and lore of the Sixth World and move into the depth and complexities of the game mechanisms.

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Shadowrun Special Edition

Shadowrun is a roleplaying game, not unlike improvisational theater. A gamemaster runs the game, while a group of players pretend they are characters set in the dystopian near-future of 2070. These character are created by the players, given a history and personality, and then further defined by a set of statistics that represent the character’s skills and attributes-as developed in the character creation process. The gamemaster then presents the setting and situation: through their characters, the players interact with the storyline and other characters, developing their own stories and high adventure during every game session.

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