Episode 165: The Reckoners, The Godfather and a Short Topic Extravaganza

Today the gang presents their new show, The Chris, Jamie and Steve Show over on YouTube and Tony and Jamie talk about their adventures at Gen Con. Then fter talking about a whole mess of games, Steve and Jamie review the new game based on Brandon Sanderson's book series, The Reckoners and look back at The Godfather: Corleone's Empire. And finally after Tony T gives you all of the more important news around the gaming world, the Founders do another Short Topic Extravaganza in which they talk about solo games and best two player games to play with your spouse.

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Opening Banter and Reviews

Games of Yesteryear

Feature Review: The Reckoners

The Reckoners, a game based on the young adult fantasy novels by Brandon Sanderson, allows players to take on the roles of the novels' protagonists and work together to save the world. 10 years ago... A mysterious burst in the sky gave ordinary men and women extraordinary powers. They're called Epics. But, every Epic turned out to be evil. Today, in the city once known as Chicago (now Newcago), an all-powerful Epic named Steelheart reigns supreme! Nobody fights back... nobody but the Reckoners! This is where you come in. You are a member of the Reckoners, a skilled group of normal humans who assassinate Epics. Your mission is simple, but not easy. Take down Steelheart and his Epics and save the city.

Designed by Brett Sobol and Seth Van Orden

Published by Nauvoo Games

BoardGameGeek.com Entry

Lookback Review: The Godfather Corleone's Empire

Designer Eric Lang, known for his "dudes on a map" games, describes The Godfather: Corleone's Empire — a standalone big box board game with high-quality miniatures — as "thugs on a map". In short, the game is a streamlined, confrontational worker placement game filled with murder and intrigue. You play as competing mafia families who are vying for economic control of the organized crime networks of New York City, deploying your thugs, your don, your wife, and your heir on the board to shake down businesses and engage in area-control turf wars. Money, rackets, contracts, and special advantages (such as the union boss) are represented by cards in your hand, and your hand size is limited, with you choosing which extra cards to pay tribute to the don at the end of each of the five rounds. At the end of the game, though, cash is all that matters, and whoever has the most money wins. The game also features drive-by shootings in which enemy tokens are removed from the board and placed face-down in the river.

Designed by Eric M. Lang

Published by CMON Limited

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Gaming News by Tony T

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