Express 37: Origins 2018 Pre-Show Fiesta with Rodney Smith and Marty Connell

Today the Three Amigos are back together for an Origins Game Fair Fiesta! Jamie welcomes honorary Founders Rodney Smith from Watch It Played and Marty Connell from Rolling Dice and Taking Names to talk about whats going on at Origins this year. First we talk about Cobra Kai the new YouTube Red series based on The Karate Kid (which has absolutely nothing to do with Origins but whatever). Then we talk about when we're arriving, our savage hole arrangements and the big things we're excited about. Then the Amigos talk about some of the games demoing and releasing at the convention and the ones they're most excited about. Onward to Origins!

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Today's Guests

Check out Rodney and Watch It Played at: YouTube.com/watchitplayed
Check out Marty and Rolling Dice and Taking Names at: RollDiceTakeNames.com

Rodney's List:

Marty's List:

Jamie's List:

Random Games We Talked About:

And here is the savage hole photo we talked about


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