Episode 147: The Thing Infection at Outpost 31, Conan and Second Chance Board Games

The Founders are back for some tabletop gaming goodness! First we give an overview and review to The Thing Infection at Outpost 31! Then we look back at Conan one year later. Tony T gives you the best tabletop gaming news coverage in the entire universe and the rest of the gang causes trouble in the background. Then finally the guys talk about games that they think deserve a second chance.

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Opening Banter and Reviews

Feature Review: The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31

In the hidden identity game The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31, you will relive John Carpenter's sci-fi cult classic in a race to discover who among the team has been infected by this heinous lifeform. Play as one of twelve characters as you lead a series of investigations through the facility using supplies and equipment to clear the building. The tension mounts and paranoia ensues as you question who you can trust in the ultimate race to save humanity!

Designed by Joe Van Wetering

Published by Project Raygun

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Lookback Review: Conan

Conan, designed by Fred Henry and based on the Conan universe by Robert E. Howard, is a scenario-based semi-cooperative asymmetric miniatures board game. One player is the Opponent, playing the Opposition forces, and the other players (1 to 4) play Conan and his companions: Shevatas the thief, Hadrathus the Priest/Sorcerer, Belit the pirate queen, Valeria the warrior, etc. The game is based purely on Robert E. Howard's novels and short stories (and not the movies or other non-Howardian material). The publisher has hired Patrice Louinet, a Howard expert, to make sure the art and the scenarios are compatible with Howard's vision.

Designed by Frédéric Henry

Published by Monolith

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Gaming News by Tony T

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