About The Secret Cabal

The Secret Cabal is a York, Pennsylvania based gaming club founded by the five hosts of The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast, Jamie Keagy, Tony Topper, Brian Moore, Chris Miller and Steve Spang.  The club was originally founded in 2001, but did not become known as “The Secret Cabal” until 2010 when Tony and Jamie were day dreaming of being members of an outlaw motorcycle club.  Since neither of us had motorcycles, the next logical choice was to make our gaming club official. 

We devised the motto, “Striving Lest Our Company be Lazy, Cowardly Manure” as an embodiment of the ideals we stood as gamers.  All members of The Secret Cabal must strive to live their lives to the fullest, doing what it is that we love… gaming.  Too often the day to day grind gets in the way of what makes us happy.  Too often we slave away all day at work just to come home and collapse on the couch to watch TV until bedtime.  Daily responsibilities sometimes leads to forgetting to make time for ourselves – it was time to take back our lives and do what makes us happy.  We must make time to sit around a table with friends and family, socializing, laughing and making merry and gaming is the best way we know how to do that. It’s time to stop being lazy… stop being a coward… and stop being a steaming pile of manure on the couch.

From inception, The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast was meant to capture the essence of the time’s Brian and Jamie spent sitting at the diner, drinking coffee and discussing gaming ad nauseum. We always wanted the show to be friends discussing what they love.  We all have different opinions and very different tastes in gaming and we feel that this sets us apart.

We love gaming, the gaming community and the industry and The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast is our contribution to it. We will produce the show to the best of our ability, never settling for a substandard product or an unpredictable release schedule. This is an obligation to our loyal listeners. We hope that any listener who gives our show a try will find it entertaining and informative.

Remember our words that never waiver - “Striving Lest our Company Be Lazy Cowardly Manure.

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